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ASAP Utilities contains over 300 useful and powerful utilities to fill the gaps in Excel, and automate frequently used tasks. Here are just a few of the tools that you will find in this program:
A few of ASAP’s popular tools:

Deselect cellsApply formula to selected rangeConditional select cells (i.e. cells > 12 or red cells)Copy a worksheet’s page and print settingsVision control, view workbooks, sheets and easily change their settingsPrint multiple sheetsColor each n’th row or columnFile import and export (txt, csv, dbf, xls, gif, jpg, etc.)Export selection as HTML table (including formats, colors etc.)

  • Version: 4.7.1
  • Compatibility: Windows 95Windows 98Windows 98 SEWindows MEWindows 2000Windows NTWindows XPWindows 2003Windows VistaWindows 7
  • License: Free
  • Part of: Office Suites