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For audio editing, look no further than open source wonder Audacity. You can record live, convert old records and tapes to digital, cut, copy and splice files and much more. This version is updated regularly, and despite the ‘beta’ tag is very stable. Interface Whether you choose the stable or beta series, Audacity is not very attractive, and can at first look complex. However, with a little experimentation it soon becomes a very usable application. For live sound and digitizing old media, you need to feed audio into your computer via a cable. Your audio-in, or mic should be set up by default, but otherwise can be found in Preferences. Recording is then as easy as hitting the red button on the Audacity interface. Easy to use What makes Audacity great in this regard is that editing recordings is really simple, not tricky like some professional apps! Using the Highlight tool you can quickly cut, copy, or add effects to parts of tracks. Make a mistake and you can undo as many steps backward as you like, meaning you can experiment knowing nothing can be broken! As you can use up to 16 channels at once, Audacity gives users lots of flexibility. Editing MP3 and other digital files is just as easy. Drag them into Audacity to open, and then do what you like with them. Adding fade ins or outs is easy, and you can save in whatever format you like. Audacity supports ID3 tags, so you can add all the meta data you like to saved tracks. There is lots more to Audacity, and luckily it has extensive documentation available online or to download. Conclusion Audacity is the best free audio editing tool around. It’s an incredibly useful application, whether you’re recording live or just editing audio files. Despite it’s unattractive interface, Audacity is an essential download.Free (GPL)

  • Version: Beta 1.3.14
  • Compatibility: Windows 2000Windows NTWindows XPWindows VistaWindows 7
  • License: Free (GPL)
  • Part of: Audio Editors