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Do you want to save your tapes, vinyl, or CDs from going obsolete?? Audio Recorder For Free converts audio to Mp3, records SHOUTcast stations and records any sound or melody that plays on your PC?
Audio Recorder is a program capable of recording any sound processed by the sound card in your PC. It’s very easy to use and for those who have tons of vinyl or cassettes, a great way of preserving your collection. You will of course need some way of connecting your record player or cassette deck to your PC but once this is done, Audio recorder For Free takes care of the rest. On the other hand, if you want to record a SHOUTcast broadcast, game soundtrack or CD, all you have to do is click record at the right time. You can actually specify other formats than Mp3 too – namely WAV and WMA – and you can specify the sound frequency of each track from16 to 256Kbps. The only other things to do are specify a destination folder and whether you want it to automatically stop at the end of a recording.
CD, cassette and vinyl fans will find this a really useful little app although it is very thin in advanced options for anyone recording from a poor quality source such as a badly damaged tape.Free

  • Version: 9.1
  • Compatibility: Windows 95Windows 98Windows 98 SEWindows MEWindows 2000Windows NTWindows XPWindows 2003Windows Vista
  • License: Free
  • Part of: Audio Recording