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BearShare is a free, all-legal file sharing app, specializing in music and videos, and with a strong social component. Unlike similar apps where you can find all sorts of stuff – including adult material and viruses – BearShare only allows video and music file formats to be shared, and has done an excellent job in protecting users from viruses and other possible threats. The program’s installation changes your browser homepage and installs a toolbar unless you select the custom installation option. On the upside, BearShare features a clean, easy-to-use interface that you’ll immediately get to grips with. There’s a top tab bar with access to the program’s main functions and a handy built-in player to preview the files you’re looking for. As an extra, BearShare is fully compatible with iPod and other MP3 devices. But BearShare is not just about browsing audio and video files; you can also use the Discover tool to play music genres according to your mood, or discover new artists and bands you didn’t know. BearShare’s social side lets you make friends with other people who share similar musical tastes, and includes a personal profile page, a contacts list and even a built-in messaging system. BearShare has become a powerful, reliable LimeWire alternative since its shutdown. Good proof of this is that all LimeWire users can easily import their music library into BearShare and continue sharing music and video files – all legal, free and without risks. BearShare is an excellent free application to legally share songs and videos, without the usual risks associated with such programs.Free (ads)

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  • Compatibility: Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7
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  • Part of: P2P File Sharing