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Are you always looking for wireless hotspots or are you dissatisfied with Windows wireless network manager? If so, CommView for WiFi is a powerful alternative for 802.11 a/b/g/n networks. Despite it’s power and advanced features, it still remains remarkably easy to use and is suitable for anyone who’s new to wireless networking. The display shows you a list of the nearest access points and stations including per-node and per-channel statistics, signal strength, a list of packets and network connections, protocol distribution charts, etc. By doing this, Commview for WiFi allows you to examine packets, pinpoint network problems, perform site surveys, and troubleshoot software and hardware. Although not an official use, Commview for WiFi can be used to decrypt WEP or WPA-PSK keys by “sniffing” packets and then using a program to crack them. However, one problem you may find is that it doesn’t work with all wireless adapters especially those that come pre-installed within laptops. The list of cards that are supported can be found on the Commview for WiFi website although they are listed by manufacturer, not the model of your laptop. Powerful and easy to use, Commview for WiFi is an interesting alternative to most wireless managers although note that it won’t help you find more networks – only upgrading your wireless card can do that.Trial version

  • Version: 6.2
  • Compatibility: Windows 98Windows 2000Windows XPWindows 2003Windows VistaWindows 7
  • License: Trial version
  • Part of: Bandwidth Monitors