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Dear Windows users, you have always had to suffer from Mac users’ statements regarding the superiority of their system stability, functionalities and graphic design.For the latter it wasn’t really possible to counteract anything, until now. The day of revenge is arrived, or it’s nearly here at least. With CubeDesktop you can have 6 independent desktops always available, which is useful, but the coolest thing is that to change from one to the other you have a very well designed full screen 3D cube to rotate.If you prefer, you can also choose a 3D flip or a 3D carousel menu. They all present the different desktop with the applications you may have opened and the background image you have.Linux users may argue that they already had this utility many years ago but first of all Linux is not normal-user friendly (ok, now Ubuntu has made things a bit easier) and it wasn’t anyway so graphically pleasant and so fast to load.. . was it? The downside of this application is that it uses nearly 50Mb of your RAM and it requires a powerful PC to run smoothly. Someone may also ask himself why one would want to use 6 desktops.I have enough mess with one. I’m sure purists will say it’s an unnecessary waste of resources, but if you like the possibility of having different desktops always available and you are a bit envious of Mac graphics, take your revenge now.Trial version

  • Version: 1.3.1
  • Compatibility: Windows XPWindows Vista
  • License: Trial version
  • Part of: Multi-Desktop