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DVD Shrink compresses your DVDs to save space when backing them up. DVD Shrink you can easily create backup copies of media you own. Even if you have never used backup software, you’ll find DVD Shrink pretty simple and straightforward. Plus, it works with most DVDs, thanks to its built-in decryption algorithms. Using DVD Shrink is simple: insert the DVD you want to back up and open it in the program. You’ll see the DVD structure on the left while also being able to preview any part of the DVD in the embedded player. If you want to back up the whole thing, just click Backup! If you want to select certain sections and build a whole new compilation, you have to hit the Re-author button. DVD Shrink´s algorithm compresses the audio and video files which can then be saved or burned to single layer DVD media. This means you can save more media in a smaller space – either on a single or dual layer burnable DVD. DVD Shrink will save all the backup files on the hard drive – so make sure you have enough space. Then you can use your favorite DVD burning tool to save everything to the disk. DVD Shrink is a great program to save space when it comes to backing up your media.Free

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