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If you’re a massive user of both Rapidshare and Megaupload it’s a pain to use two separate administrators to manage your upload and downloads. In the case of Rapidshare the most annoying thing is that you have to wait before you can click on a file to download it. FreeRapid Downloader offers a more holistic way to manage your downloads and uploads in one convenient application. It lets you download files hosted on Megaupload, Rapidshare, Netload or FileFactory without needing to click a single thing. FreeRapid Downloader basically works by allowing you to add several links at the same time until they’re queued up waiting to go. It can even monitor your clipboard for links that are cut to it and automatically add them to your queue. While this definitely makes managing your downloads easier, it still only downloads files one by one meaning if you’ve got several files from several file sharing sites, it can be painfully slow. FreeRapìd Downloader will make your file sharing site downloads easier to manage although not speed them up in any significant way.Free (GPL)

  • Version: 0.85
  • Compatibility: Windows 95Windows 98Windows 98 SEWindows MEWindows 2000Windows NTWindows XPWindows 2003Windows Vista
  • License: Free (GPL)
  • Part of: Download Managers