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GTA: San Andreas is the massively impressive 3rd installment to Rockstar’s seminal 3D sandbox series of games. Unsurprisingly enough, GTA San Andreas Desktop Wallpaper is a slick wallpaper for your PC that will bring a taste of the game to your desktop even when you aren’t playing the game. This particular GTA San Andreas Desktop Wallpaper – and there are bunches available – gives you a little taste of GTA San Andreas – the gambling, the violence, the women and the gangs – in other words, everything that makes the game great. There are three sizes of GTA San Andreas Desktop Wallpaper available here – the standard 1024×768, and two widescreen options. You’ll be able to choose yours after the download button. Bring the violence and passion of GTA straight to your desktop with GTA San Andreas Desktop Wallpaper.Free

  • Compatibility: Windows 98 SEWindows NTWindows XPWindows VistaWindows 7
  • License: Free
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