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Mediaget is an all-in-one torrent search and download app. Torrents are a handy way of distributing media, but in order to find what’s out there, you’ll have to manually hunt around for the good ones. Mediaget takes on some of the work by integrating a torrent search engine into its interface, meaning you can search and download from the same place, without having to install a client like uTorrent. The Mediaget interface is pretty slick. It’s attractive and clear, showing your search results and details of the files to the right. It classes torrents by speed, name and size, and you’ll be able to download, preview or share the media using the colored icons on the right. There’s also a window where you can view your transfers, and a media player, so you can use the media you download. Mediaget automatically imports and sorts this media, making your job even easier. Unfortunately, when you look a bit closer, Mediaget also has a number of features that aren’t so hot. For a start, you’re limited to the torrent sites that it provides, and you can’t add more. The way Mediaget presents your files also means that it’s not quite as easy to get information about them, making it hard to tell if a file is what you want, or if it’s even legal. Add this to Mediaget’s interface, which feels a bit rough around the edges from a usability point of view, and this torrent app loses a bit of its shine. Remember that many torrents are illegal, and Mediaget doesn’t distinguish! Mediaget is a solid app. Whether or not its weaker points cause you a problem, however, remains to be seen.Free

  • Version: 2.01.1058
  • Compatibility: Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7
  • License: Free
  • Part of: Download Managers