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Even if you have a broadband internet connection, you can still benefit from having a download manager like Orbit Downloader. With Orbit Downloader you can comfortably handle all your internet downloads thanks to its perfect integration with popular browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer), a handy “drop zone” to drag and drop links, an automatic monitoring tool that catches any download links and customized, user-defined filters. Orbit Downloader features a simple design that makes it easy to use from the very beginning. The program works with most download sites, including those that require a username and password. There’s no support for Torrent files though. You can also schedule downloads and make Orbit Downloader scan files with your antivirus right after downloading them. As for download speed, Orbit Downloader offers a handful of features: multi-thread connections, speed limits (so that your connection is not hogged by the program) and a special P2P-based technology to increase speed. Orbit Downloader is not just another download manager, but a complete application that includes useful tools to make your downloads faster and easier to manage.Free

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