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PDFs are great documents for lots of things, but one thing they are not so good at is editing. If you have a PDF that you would like to modify or change, don’t worry. A PDF converter like PDF2Word will help you get the job done. PDF2Word isn’t a looker and doesn’t have much in the way of support documentation – it’s all online. Luckily, it’s an easy program to use. You select File > Open and add the file or files you want to convert – the program can also handle batch operations. The PDF2Word preferences window automatically pops up, allowing you to get rid of images and select certain pages for inclusion. Admittedly, the options under Reconstruction Mode are a bit of a mystery. Results from PDF2Word are variable, as are most PDF to Word converters. If your PDF is simple, with very little formatting, you might get lucky. If it is a little more complicated, be prepared for the fact that your Word document might be completely messed up. You should also remember that the text in converted documents is always in boxes. Your final text won’t resemble a standard Word document, but this is always the case with programs like PDF2Word. PDF2Word is a very basic program, but is worth a try, especially on simple PDFs.Trial version

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