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Massive photo editing tools like Photoshop are great, but some find them too heavy and complicated for everyday usage. PicPick is definitely a better choice if what you need is just a simple image editor. With PicPick you can easily perform simple editing tasks to your photos, including brightness, contrast and color adjustment, grayscale, blur, pixelate and other special effects. There’s also a cool whiteboard feature which enables you to write and draw directly on the screen. But PicPick is not only an image editor: it’s also a full featured screen capturing tool with which you can capture the image on your monitor in several ways: full screen, active window, user-defined area and more. Plus, PicPick can work with several documents simultaneously and captures can be triggered with customizable keyboard shortcuts, which makes it even handier. I liked the versatility of PicPick, as well as the fact that it doesn’t require installation. On the downside, I missed certain features such as support for printing or the ability to capture complete webpages with automatic scrolling. PicPick is a lightweight yet full featured image editor and capturer, perfect for simple daily image editing tasks.Free

  • Version: 3.1.0
  • Compatibility: Windows 98Windows 98 SEWindows MEWindows 2000Windows XPWindows 7
  • License: Free
  • Part of: Screen Capture