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Sony Vegas Video is a video editor for both amateurs and professionals who want a complete video editing tool without giving up ease of use. A point to keep in mind – Sony Vegas Video is not easy, but is still simpler than other suites like Premiere or Final Cut Pro. Also, the program is very well documented, so you’ll probably find the answer to your questions in the Help section. Thorough documentation, together with a nice interface that will be familiar to anyone who has ever edited video, makes Sony Vegas Video an excellent choice. Sony Vegas allows you to work on your videos with total freedom; you’ll be able to import your media from various devices (including HD video), use more than 300 filters and special effects, leverage specific tools to work with text layers and subtitles and easily optimize image quality. But Sony Vegas Video doesn’t just allow you to edit video. Soundtracks are also important in this editor, which includes more than 30 sound effects and support for VST plug-ins, among other features. The Sony Vegas Video interface is similar to other video editors. There are several windows to preview your media and current work, as well as a timeline to organize the various audio and video tracks. The best thing about the Sony Vegas Video interface is that it’s totally customizable: you can freely open, close and arrange the program’s diverse modules to best suit your needs. In all, Sony Vegas Video is one of those programs that seems off-putting for newcomers and requires some effort to get to grips with. But it’s also one of those programs that are totally worth the effort! Sony Vegas Video is an excellent choice in the area of video editing software: powerful enough for professionals, but easier than other video suites.Trial version

  • Version: Pro 10.0d
  • Compatibility: Windows XPWindows 7
  • License: Trial version
  • Part of: Video Editors