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As the world of P2P TV continues its expansion, new kid on the block is TvAnts. The increasing unreliability of its Chinese cousin PPLive means that increasing numbers of users are changing to this simple but highly effective alternative. Installing TvAnts is fortunately pretty simple as everything is in Japanese – it’s simply a case of clicking on ‘Ok’ a few times. The channel list appears in a simple window and you can reveal more by clicking ‘Renew’. TvAnts’s channel list is a bizarre mix of Japanese, public and private channels. If you want to find out how American troops keep up their morale in Iraq, check out ‘TV Pentagon’ (the US army’s official channel) or if you’re looking for something a bit more scenic, there’s ‘TV Canada Tourism’. Streaming is steady once TvAnts gets going and image quality is as good as anything you’ll get on PPLive. There are literally hundreds of channels to choose from although most are obviously of little interest to English viewers. TvAnts is actually a project of Zhejiang University hence the mainly Asian channels. Its popularity lies in the fact that like most P2P TV apps, the channels broadcast live European football like The Premiership and La Liga. Other channels in TvAnts include music, movies, news and fashion, mostly from Asian sources. Most of this can be found on Shanghai TV, Gungdong TV and Goal TV. Schedules can be found on various P2P forums around the net such as Free Football and you’ll certainly need them to get the most out of TvAnts. Note that you may sometimes receive a “license expired” warning in TVAnts. Reinstalling the application doesn’t work. You need to fully uninstall it first, most importantly removing the registry entries for TVAnts. I recommend using Revo Uninstaller for this. Then all you need to do is reinstall it. TVAnts has tons of channels, lots of sport to watch and provides reliable and stable streaming.Free

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