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Webshots Desktop helps you refresh your Windows wallpaper everyday with a huge collection of high-quality images. A few years ago Webshots Desktop used to be an online service from which you downloaded wallpapers at will. It has now evolved to a desktop utility to download, manage and organize your collection of wallpapers, though it still depends a lot – too much, for our taste – on the web browser. The Webshots Desktop interface features a series of tabs, each of them with a different purpose: download new wallpapers from the site, check images marked as favorite by the Webshots Desktop members, and organize both your local and online files. However all of these actions, like we said before, end up working in your browser. While the collection of images offered by Webshots Desktop is astonishing in terms of quantity and quality, the truth is that the program is very limited. Unless you pay for a Premium account, you only get to downloadd a wallpaper a day, the highest resolution you can get is 800×600 and your personal upload is also limited. Add to that the fact that images come in a non-standard format (WBZ) and Webshots Desktop suddenly doesn’t look that attractive anymore. Webshots Desktop used to be a great resource to download high-quality wallpapers, but now it’s a bit too bloated – and free accounts are too limited.Free

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  • Compatibility: Windows MEWindows 2000Windows NTWindows XP
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