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With Windows Essentials Codec Pack you get a complete collection of all the codecs you need to play most video and audio files you find on the Internet – up to 99% of them, according to the developer. Windows Essentials Codec Pack includes filters and codecs for many formats, though only one of them per format to reduce the risk of conflicts and errors. The pack also includes codec configuration tools and a copy of Media Player Classic. The pack is very easy to install. Simply launch the executable file and follow the instructions. During the installation process Windows Essentials Codec Pack will let you select which codecs you want to install and which you don’t need. Also, as the pack includes a special update utility, you’ll always have the latest version on your PC. Windows Essentials Codec Pack includes all the codecs you need to play most audio and video files on your system. The pack includes a media player and is updated automatically.Free

  • Version: 3.6
  • Compatibility: Windows 2000Windows XP
  • License: Free
  • Part of: Video Codecs